Ana Célia Costa
fevereiro 7, 2023

11. “When you’re ready Become and have It” by the Selena Gomez

11. “When you’re ready Become and have It” by the Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez, noted for the lady with the-again/off-once again relationship with Justin Bieber must be singing regarding him when you look at the it 2013 song. The latest song’s narrator taunts her mate for example a kid into the playground with several “Na na na na” refrains.

She understands its like is going to destroy the girl but she’s going to pass away happy because the she summons the woman mate, “Before you go started as well as have it.” Appears like one or two egomaniacs went to own a train wreck, to me.

twelve. “SexyBack” of the Justin Timberlake

Inside 2006 song, Justin promises to offer sexy back since the he states the girl he’s attracted to was “using up” to possess your and you can he’ll let you know others people just how to get chill.

13. “I really like Myself” by Wannadies

Swedish class The fresh Wannadies throws the content best online in this choice stone song (2000): Regarding love, there’s nothing better than enjoying yourself.

The fresh new narrator compliments themselves on which good organization he or she is. He states he’s pleasant, privately attractive, and never disappoints themselves. What a whole lot more can you wanted within the a friend?

fourteen. “Cannot Tell me Nothing” by Kanye West

Which 2007 Grammy-selected tune are classic Kanye West-committed and in-your-deal with. Within the when you look at the, he includes throughout the his currency and you may reckless decisions, also providing detained. The guy remembers an aspiration regarding the buying their way to heaven and doesn’t have shame in regards to the method the guy food someone else. Tunes narcissistic alright.

15. “I am Superman” of the R.Age.Yards.

Denied because of the lady the guy wants, the brand new narcissistic narrator of the 1986 Roentgen.Elizabeth.Meters. is frightening-enthusiastic about bringing the girl back, whatever needs doing.

Even in the event she is discover a unique love interest, the fresh narrator “knows what’s happening” and you will “does anything.” He promises to tune their down, whether or not she ventures a million faraway away from your. If you have something narcissists dislike, it’s getting rejected.

While this guy is merely having a good time dressing once the Superman, real narcissists select by themselves because truly premium and you can book. Narcissists become people by a beneficial step 3-to-step 1 margin.

sixteen. “This is the way We Exercise” by Katy Perry

Katy Perry grabs this new narcissism out of exactly what it’s like to be young, steeped, and you may carefree inside 2013 song. She pays respect Green Sites dating service to karaoke, day sipping, and you may spending-money with reckless abandon. In the shelter she sings, “It’s really no big deal. It’s really no big deal.”

17. “My personal Prerogative” from the Britney Spears

This was Bobby Brown’s song (1988) until Britney Spears (2009) remixed they making they hers. She defended the girl right to generate her very own behavior and you will real time the girl lives existence due to the fact she wanted. Audio reasonable, proper?

They do say I’m crazyI i do not careThat’s my prerogativeThey say I am nastyBut I do not offer an excellent damnGetting boys is where I real time . .

18. “Basically Desired to” because of the Melissa Etheridge

Melissa Etheridge’s flooding vocals render credence to that strong 1993 song where the narrator indeed looks full of by herself. She narcissistically boasts you to she you are going to dance towards demon, not grow old, influence political figures and also take action supernatural vitality. That’s, if she wanted to.

19. “Warriors” by Kesha

Kesha-sure, brand new artist exactly who used to have a great $ as a part of the girl term-means a production regarding notice-inspired fighters inside 2012 song.

But alternatively than simply fighters, it appear to be a bunch of narcissists. She phone calls the girl some one new “misfits,” “brand new crappy some body,” “brand new degenerates.” Upcoming she most becomes sexy and you will informs us just what might carry out to united states.

Put your larger girl knickers to your, Kesha, and enjoy nice the rest of us. Becoming a mean lady simply produce yet.