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Sakura Hiden: Thoughts from Like, Operating Through to a springtime Snap

Sakura Hiden: Thoughts from Like, Operating Through to a springtime Snap

Main article: The final: Naruto the film 2 yrs after the Fourth Shinobi Globe War, Sai are attracting a vistas outside Konohagakure in the middle of your evening, just to spot the moon’s lineage on Earth and you will a great hooded shinobi riding towards a traveling animal whenever you are holding brand new unconscious Hanabi Hyuga, far so you’re able to his surprise. The guy made an effort to chase after her or him, only to be taken off ahead of he could save your self Hanabi. Immediately after revealing toward Sixth Hokage on Hanabi becoming kidnapped because of the Toneri Otsutsuki, the guy touches having Naruto, Sakura, Shikamaru, and you will Hinata with the a mission to save yourself their.

Later on, because the Naruto began relationships Hinata, the guy borrowed among Sai’s tuition instructions about relationships, such as for example in the matchmaking protocol

The group travel from the Sai’s ink designs in which Hinata comments to your viewing a glowing below ground springtime. Abreast of reach the spring, Sai tells him or her that lake doesn’t make certain they are wet, making it easier to visit due to. Going into the river, the team dropped around an effective genjutsu, which have Sai dreaming about their happier experiences together with his cousin until Sakura put-out him or her in the genjutsu. Further dancing from springtime, Sai, Shikamaru, and you can Sakura see Naruto and you will Hinata have been discontinued prior to they may be able decide something, they are assaulted of the Moon entrance’s Gatekeeper. And their shared jobs, it was able to beat they that have Sakura hitting it plus the inner organs.

After Naruto is presented away from his despair by Sakura, she and Sai head to save your self Hanabi while you are bicupid app Naruto and Shikamaru realize Hinata. Just after Toneri’s defeat, the group brains straight back to own Konoha. [31]

Even when no body try badly hurt and there is zero proof the two periods is connected, Kakashi desires Sai to investigate both events by himself.

Sai suits with an enthusiastic informant merely outside Konoha and directs your to investigate if certain bad guys listed in the fresh new Bingo Publication is actually trailing both episodes. When he yields towards the village, Sai is actually attacked from the several masked anyone. In the event each one of the criminals have a beneficial cloak from tailed monster chakra, they can drive included in this out-of and you can get one other. Sai begins wanting to know the brand new attentive, however when the guy starts to behave a beneficial juinjutsu activates and you will their looks blows right up. Sai accounts that it so you can Kakashi. One another remember that the newest attacker’s suicidal juinjutsu is a lot like exactly what Danzo Shimura put on his agents. Which, along with the simple fact that no one however, a keen Anbu might have actually suspected Sai’s assignment and thus recognized to assault your, convinces Kakashi that it’s all element of a scheme concocted by the Kido Tsumiki, an old friend so you’re able to Danzo. Kakashi teaches Sai to function their study on Kido.

Main article: Sakura Hiden: Advice of Love, Riding On a spring season Snap Kakashi fits with Sai and you can informs him on the two separate attacks from the unknown perpetrators up against the Flames daimyo and you will Homura Mitokado

Sai pursue Kido’s moves anywhere between his some other hideouts for a few weeks, but he’s not a chance of going into the them in the place of discussing his presence. Their informant demands a meeting and you may, around, accounts good rumour regarding Sasuke: which he contacted certain possession traders a few weeks before seeking guns for a hit to the Konoha, immediately after which killed the investors once they didn’t cooperate. He as well as implies that, following conflict, he saw Anbu event examples in the Area of the Avoid therefore the link in which Sasuke fought Danzo. Sai will pay your because of it advice and you can demands several other appointment into the the near future.

If this gets clear one to Sai’s research toward Kido is the just like Sakura and you may Ino’s analysis to the an impostor off Sasuke, Kakashi merges its review. Ino dubs on their own Ino–Saku–Sai and so they promise to save each other informed of the results. Quickly later, Ino check outs Sai in the his the home of enhance him that Sakura might have been caught from the Kido. Sai and you may Ino head to certainly Kido’s hideouts and Ino sensory faculties the interior to have Sakura’s chakra. She is not there, however, Sai establishes they need to see just what intel they can score anyway. Ino uses the brain Human body Option Approach toward hideout’s sentry whenever you are Sai grabs her or him, the woman first-time using eg a strategy instead of Shikamaru and you can Choji. If sentry, a friend away from Sai’s, was unwilling to respond to its issues, Sai pushes Sakura’s whereabouts off him because of the tickling your with an excellent paintbrush. They go with the hideout where Sakura is being kept on Sai’s imitating bird. After they are available they find that Sakura has fled and you can is found on the newest offensive.