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fevereiro 21, 2023

Notwithstanding the fresh angling pressure on the more morphotypes away from We

Notwithstanding the fresh angling pressure on the more morphotypes away from We

badionotus, and on other types of ocean cucumbers, search in these taken advantage of types inside Colombia has been restricted to a few education toward abundance and you may distribution [2, 16] and you will reproductive biology [17, 18]. Yet not, there are of a lot openings for the studies, like about their reproductive activities and how they are dependent on parameters such as for example temperatures, salinity, rain, and restaurants access.

Today’s analysis means areas of the newest reproductive biology of one’s holothuroids I. badionotus and Isostichopus sp. in the Santa Marta Area utilizing the gonadal directory (GI) and you will histological study of the latest gonads. This research is meant to improve current knowledge cebuanas tarihi about the brand new biology and you may ecology away from sea cucumbers native to new Colombian Caribbean Ocean and offer a technical basis for the development of management steps and you may maintenance of the resource.

dos. Information and techniques

Specimens out of Isostichopus sp. was obtained from , while you are specimens off Isostichopus badionotus was amassed out-of regarding Taganga Bay (11° 16′ ” N– 74° 11′ ” W) and you will Rodadero Bay (11° 12′ ” N– 74° 13′ ” W) about Caribbean area for Santa Marta, Colombia (Fig step 1).

In addition it evaluates the brand new influence regarding environment and you can chemical variables (temperature, rain, the brand new portion of natural carbon dioxide stuff on the sediment) on the reproductive biology and analyzes the structure of their populations (volume regarding duration and you will pounds, sex ratio, imply size and pounds initially intimate readiness, fecundity)

Package when you look at the inset A great is actually magnified when you look at the inset B; container within the inset B is actually magnified in the primary committee. Source: Pointers feet INVEMAR.

Due to the wide variety of molds and colours which i. badionotus provides, this research focused on the line of organisms with prominent morphotype of the species contained in the study town, demonstrated from the Vergara ainsi que al. when i. badionotus morphotype II.

Month-to-month fourteen in order to 20 individuals of for every morphotype (I. badionotus and Isostichopus sp.) was in fact accumulated of the snorkeling. For this function, a couple of snorkelers swam an effective transect 5 yards broad from the approximately 1000 meters a lot of time, twice. The initial travels was made bordering the fresh new shore line therefore the second at a distance of approximately 10 meters from the coastline range. Maximum look breadth are ten meters having logistical and you can defense explanations and although odds are you will find individuals at deeper distance and breadth, this might never be examined in the current investigation. In the October, zero collections is generated considering the passing of Hurricane Matthew, which affected the latest Colombian Caribbean during that times. All water cucumbers was indeed truly manufactured when you look at the plastic material handbags that have seawater and you will transported into the Aquaculture Laboratory away from Universidad del Magdalena. The fresh breadth of simply take of each personal therefore the particular base it filled have been registered (classified given that rugged, exotic, coral, rock-coral, rock-sand, rock-sand-coral). On the other hand, skin sediment samples (having a density maybe not higher than ten mm) was in fact taken nearby the men and women to determine the newest portion of organic carbon dioxide stuff playing with a mass spectrometer, Euro EA 3000 essential analyzer (EuroVector). Salinity and you can liquid temperature were submitted every month, whenever you are total water investigation was indeed obtained from the details of your Simon Bolivar airport meteorological route of city of Santa Marta.

The people was indeed forfeited about lab of the placing him or her in the seawater during the cuatro°C, which was and intended to started to a max county of contraction that permitted to reduce the mistake during size measurements, because of the capabilities that they must expand or bargain from the have a tendency to. Then following the system dimensions were drawn: overall muscles length (TL), playing with a flexible 1-m tape size during the nearest 0.5 cm (just after compromise because of the thermal shock the fresh contracted body got a-c otherwise S shape, and the recording contoured the body, so the complete duration is the shape size); gonad regularity having fun with a finished tube at the nearby 0.step one cm step three ; system wall structure pounds (BW), defined as the weight of the person in place of viscera otherwise gonad and gonad weight (GW) from the nearby 0.step 1 grams. Gonad list (GI) try calculated utilizing the formula, GI = (GW/ BW)* one hundred [19, 20].