Ana Célia Costa
fevereiro 24, 2023

Though named inactive, she was actually posted into website name, and try allegedly healed out-of the woman rampancy

Though named inactive, she was actually posted into website name, and try allegedly healed out-of the woman rampancy

Just after towards the Precursor entire world Genesis, this new Warden Eternal sensed she were able to maintain new Mantle of Obligations, and you can vowed to guard and you will suffice around her, providing their complete operation of assistance with the shield business towards the bundle one to she got planned. New Warden Eternal are concerned about the lady addiction to John-117, warning the lady which he manage try to avoid just what she got in mind, but she ignored their concerns, believing that however never ever would anything.

Not having any leads in these occurrences, the fresh UNSC don’t know how to perform, until Dr. Catherine Halsey contacted Chief Lasky, giving him the woman venue and you may stating she realized what was going to your towards the nest worlds. About three days after, Fireteam Osiris are deployed in the world Kamchatka so you can phase good conserve operation, and is sooner profitable. [34]

While Fireteam Osiris was protecting Dr

Halsey, John-117 is actually contacted because of the Cortana from inside the Raid towards the UNSC Argent Moonlight. Bluish Cluster create chase Cortana towards the Nest arena of Meridian. [35] Cortana hit an undertake Meridian’s governor, a partial-rampant AI called Sloan – the people away from Meridian might be considering the opportunity to evacuate, and you may Sloan himself given use of the new Website name in addition to clean out to own rampancy, in exchange for making it possible for Bluish Party unfettered access to the fresh exploit on Apogee Station as well as the Guardian situated therein. Regardless of the experimented with input off Fireteam Osiris, Cortana were able to use the Meridian Protector to take John-117 and rest of Bluish Party to Genesis, in which she revealed the lady noticeable cure for rampancy and her bundle to make use of the fresh new Guardians to help you demand an imperial Comfort and embrace the latest Mantle out of Obligation with the Created.

Months later Cortana started reawakening the fresh new Precursor constructs referred to as Guardians, causing planetary disasters

Fireteam Osiris, believing that the brand new Guardians could make them John-117 and you can Cortana, had been in the near future advised out of an inactive Protector on Sanghelios, rescuing Thel ‘Vadam away from a murder attempt. Thel ‘Vadam discovered regarding Locke’s purpose discover John-117, where Cortana disrupted and you will stated that they’d never look for her or him. Alert to the fresh new Guardian lying on earth, Fireteam Osiris were able to and obtain an excellent Constructor one stalled the brand new Protector for a lengthy period to help you panel it, in spite of the Warden Endless intervening once again.

Understanding out of Cortana’s plans, John-117 recognized that she must be prevented, but wished he might be capable cause with her. Cortana is actually frustrated by the Warden’s ongoing tries to spoil John, fundamentally banishing your briefly as a result of his procedures. She next manifested herself observe John once more, exactly who attempted to convince the woman to cease. Cortana was disturb, but just thinking him to get misguided, on Cryptum getting ten thousand ages showing your this lady really works shortly after she was complete.

Watching Fireteam Osiris chronic towards the freeing John-117, Cortana taunted the group and you can delivered Prometheans to cease them. not, Locke been able to ruin the past exchange, making it possible for 031 Lush Witness to regain control of Genesis’ solutions. From inside the a work out-of revenge to have Cortana taking this lady setting up aside, Exuberant Experience took brand new Cryptum housing John-117 and Bluish Class, much to Cortana’s horror since her Guardian went towards slipspace.

Embittered by the loss of John-117, Cortana began her Reclamation, and you can was able to select the UNSC Infinity. However, it did an urgent situation slipspace dive prior to the woman Guardian could disable it.

During the lady address into the types of the new market, new Unggoy regarding Bahalo chose to join the Composed. Enjoying this, Cortana sent boats laden up with complex technology, agricultural assistance station, dining, medication and you may cover into the planet.